План работы

1.1. Work provision of the Academic Board of the University was developed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan paragraph 9 of Article 44 from July 27, 2007 “Concerning Education”.
1.2 The Scientific Board is one of forms of collective leadership of a higher educational institution.
1.3 The work of the Scientific Board subjects to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Provision of the Academic Board of the University from 26.11.2007, as well as “Kostanay Engineering and Pedagogical University” charter.
1.4. Work of Academic Council is based on collective public discussion of matters within its competence.

2.1. Academic Board of the University:
2.1.1. approve the structure of the university;
2.1.2. make changes and additions to the Charter of the University;
2.1.3. determine the strategy and development conception of the university;
2.1.4. make proposals on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of the structural subdivisions of the university (chairs, faculties, etc.);
2.1.5. decide on all fundamental questions of the organization of educational, research, international, financial, administration and maintenance activity of the university;
2.1.6. hear annual reports of the university vice-chancellors, chair deans and heads of structural divisions of the University about the forms and methods of teaching, research, educational, international, informational, financial and economic and administrative activities;
2.1.7. organize the supervision of financial and economic activities of the university;
2.1.8. determine the order of use of extrabudgetary funds, as well as areas of reinvesting revenues generated through the provision of paid educational services and sales of outputs;
2.1.9. identify new areas of training specialists in a multi-level system of higher education, terms and forms of education;
2.1.10. approve the curricula of all levels and forms of education;
2.1.11. consider and recommends textbooks for edition , manuals and pedagogical developments;
2.1.12. make decisions on the appointment of scholarship, established by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and scholarships;
2.1.13. present the award to the rank of associate professor and professor;
2.1.14. consider issues of university staff and creative teams representation to the state, the government awards and honorary titles;
2.1.15. consider other issues of the university, requiring collective solutions.

3.1.Work objectives of the Academic Board of the University are:

    • promoting the further development of the University;
    • joint efforts of the university management, its faculty members, administrative staff, auxiliary educational staff and maintenance staff to prepare a competitive professionals that meet up-to-date requirements;
    • creating the necessary conditions for students and teaching staff of the University for the successful implementation of the professional education programs and development strategy of the university;
    • strengthening the material-technical base and technical base of the university.