Dear applicants, M. Dulatov Kostanay Engineering and Economic University informs you that accreditation of the Master course “Agrarian management” passed successfully!

The course is accredited by the Institute of accreditation, certification and quality assurance of ACQUIN (international consulting company).

According to the cooperation agreement with Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany) KEEU performs the training of specialists according to the joint educational program of double-diploma education that raises competitiveness of graduates taking into account modern requirements of the agrarian labor market.

Dulatov Kostanay Engineering and Economic University performs the educational preparation according to 2 educational programs: 6M050600 – Economics and 6M050700 – Management.

The training in Master ‘s degree program is performed in two directions:

  • profile education with learning term of at least 1 year (1-1,5 years);
  • scientific and pedagogical education with learning term of 2 years.

Profile Master’s degree realizes professional learning programs of postgraduate education on the training for the industries of economy, medicine, law, art, service sector and business, possessing profound professional training. Educational programs of profile Master‘s degree have applied character of training. They are directed to the instilling of management skills and ensuring training of professional managers (heads of general profile on all the aspects of management activities).

Scientific and pedagogical Master’s degree realizes professional training programs of postgraduate education on the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and scientific sphere with profound scientific and pedagogical preparation.

The graduate of scientific and pedagogical direction has the right to teach in higher education institution.

Background education level: the undergraduate shall have all the prerequisites that are necessary for the development of the appropriate professional training program of Master’s degree.

In the absence of necessary prerequisite the undergraduate is allowed to study them on a paid basis. After completing the prerequisite by the undergraduate his training in the course begins.

Learning in Master’s degree program is performed only on full-time basis.

Within the implementation of scientific and research / experimental works of the Master’s student, obligatory passing of a foreign scientific internship is provided.

The graduate of Master’s degree program shall have fundamental scientific and professional training, own modern information technologies, be competent in the field of methodology of scientific research, be able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, teach in higher education institutions, successfully perform research and management activities.