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Head of International Cooperation – Gulnara Shaimerden
Coordinator of International Cooperation – Dinara Keldibayeva
Tel.: +7 (7142) 280-255
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E-mail: unioms@mail.ru

MissionThe main goal of the department is to assist further development of KEEU leading position as a modern institute of higher education globally.

DirectionOne of the key activities of the department is cooperating with foreign higher education institutions within the framework of international educational projects and programs of academic mobility

The main areas of activity of the KEEU International Cooperation Department

The organization and coordination of the participation of the academic teaching staff, employees and KEEU students in international educational programs, scholarship programs and competitions aimed at improving the education stiffening of students and academic teaching staff, the formation of a positive image and reputation of the university.

The organization and coordination of the participation of university students in international internships (field trip) for the development of business and professional skills and competencies, personal enrichment of students and the strengthening of international cooperation in the framework of academic mobility  establishment of business cooperation with foreign organizations in order to create international programs in the area of educational services.
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[/spoiler] [spoiler show=”MAGNA CHARTA UNIVERSITATUM (the Great Charter of Universities)” hide=”MAGNA CHARTA UNIVERSITATUM (the Great Charter of Universities)“] Significant fact is that on September 16, 2011, prior to the 15th anniversary of its founding, KEEU signed MAGNA CHARTA UNIVERSITATUM at the University of Bologna (Italy) – a document which is signed by more than 600 universities around the world. As a signatory Magna Charta Universitatum (the Great Charter of Universities), KEEU stands up for academic freedom, acting competently in the area of knowledge and in the area of research. Meanwhile, the University is the essence of where the place of person is determined by his abilities and talents – this is the community of erudite, and the moral significance of the university is based on a combination of teaching and research, erudition and the pursuit of truth, regardless of its immediate applicability, political priorities or economic benefits. The University aims to serve the community in whole, contributing to its long-term development.

International Study Placement Programs

[spoiler show=”LOGO-DE” hide=”LOGO-DE”] [gview file=”https://kineu.edu.kz/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Флаер-LOGO-2011_ru.pdf” save=”1″] Постре А2 Logo e.V.
Internships at the agricultural enterprises of the northern regions of Germany, producing environmentally clean products. Duration: 6 months + 2 weeks of paid vacation. With this program, university works for 4 years. At the six-month intership were following students: Elena Ruff, Murtazina Asel, Bozhenko Mikhail Kappsova Bigaysha, Zatychets Konstantin, Garmash Gennady, Ruchkin Denis, Makishe Sandybek.

Kostanay Engineering and Economic University is working with the LOGO program on ecology agriculture since 2005. This is the third year when representatives of this program come to our University and conduct interviews with our students. The selection consists of two stages on the first (October – November) they check the general education of the student, logical thinking, the ability to manage agricultural technique and knowledge of the German, then the best candidates are in the next round. On the second round (January – February), the student must show how he improved his knowledge of the German. Travel expenses pays the program at the positive end of the intership.

Under this program 6 students of KEEU studied ecological farming in Germany in 2005. 3 of them have extended their 1 year practice to another six months. In 2006, two of our students passed the LOGO program and one of them extended his practice to another six months. In October 2007, 9 students made the cut to the second round.

LOGO – is the internship on agricultural enterprises of the northern regions of Germany, producing environmentally clean products.

Purpose of the intership: familiarization with ecological agriculture.

Условия практики:

  • длительность: 6 месяцев +2 недели оплачиваемого отпуска;
  • участники только студенты нашего университета;
  • минимальная ежемесячная стипендия составляет 150 Евро.

In the process the student gets:

  • knowledge of the forms and methods of organic farming
  • knowledge of economics of production and marketing
  • and broad his horizon and reinforces a sense of responsibility

Requirements for the student:

  • a good knowledge of German
  • readiness for interdisciplinary studying in agriculture
  • driving practice
  • availability of data sheet
  • being a student of Kostanay Engineering and Economic University


  • Tierproduktion – livestock experts, veterinarians
  • Agraroekonomie – all economical majors
  • Landtechnik – agricultural machine
  • Pflanzenbau – crop production, agronomy
  • Agraroekologie – agricultural ecology
  • Agrartechnik – processing
[/spoiler] [spoiler show=”GLOBAL UGRAD” hide=”GLOBAL UGRAD”] Global Ugard International student exchange program.  This program of the Department of educational programs of the U.S. State Department and administered by IREX. Program Global UGARD allows full-time students of higher educational institutions 1, 2, and 3 courses of four years of study and four courses of five-year study to be trained for one academic year of non-degree at the University and college of the U.S.
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Study placement in farms of Bavaria. Traineeship is counted as the first practical semester of studying in the Masters Programme of the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan, Germany.

Terms of practice:

  • Length: 5.5 + 2 weeks of paid vacation during the summer months
  • The participants – KEEU students;
  • The minimum monthly scholarship is 160 € + overtime

The purpose of the study placement: gaining experience in agriculture in Germany. Improving the level of German.

Intership includes:

  • Seminars (practical studies) and additional courses lasting about 4 weeks.
  • Language Courses
  • Living in a farmer’s family

During practice:

  • The placement students write a report together with the employer
  • Keep a diary
  • At the end of the intership pass exams in production economics and German language

At the end of the intership:

  • The students with the best exam results are able to study at the International Master Course “Agricultural Management” and get an MBA master’s degree.
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Что нужно чтобы подать заявку на участие в программе?
С нами вы можете открыт для себя множество стран и контингентов
Удивительная Япония
Неизведанная Австралия
Сказочная Швейцария
Загадочная Германия
Что студент имеет во время практики за рубежом
Стоимость программы
Сроки и условия прохождения стажировок

IAESTE – World-the program on the international exchange of study placement in which students after the second year of education of higher educational institutions not older than 32 years can participate.

IAESTE is a confederation of National Committees of the countries representing interests of higher educational institutions, industrial circles and student’s youth.

IAESTE Kazakhstan was founded in 1996 on the basis of Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan which became basic structure in cooperation with higher educational institutions of RK and business communities of our state. Zhumagulov Bakytzhan Tursynovich is elected as the president of association.

So far IAESTE of Kazakhstan sent to study placement abroad 450 young Kazakhstan citizens, and received 350 foreign students. The IAESTE programs create favourable prospect of the professional future and help  young Kazakhstan citizens to strengthen their knowledge at the advanced enterprises abroad, to check them in practice, and become qualified professionals.

IAESTE exchange programs allow young people not only gain invaluable experience in foreign enterprises, but also get the opportunity to come into contact with other cultures, which in turn has a huge educational and pedagogic value. Foreign placement students in their reports write that none of encyclopedias give you the knowledge about the kindness and hospitality of the people of Kazakhstan, on the conditions of life and way of life. It’s nice to know that their work during the internship, they make a definite contribution to the enterprise performance of the employer.

What acquire students that go for an internship?

First of all, the new knowledge in their major, communication skills in a team, practice English and other foreign languages, discover new countries and make many, many friends. We also have students who have continued scientific work or study abroad, using the practice of IAESTE as a launching pad for their career. North Kazakhstan University student immediately after the internship entered the master’s degree and continues her education in Germany. Employer extended the contract for 3 years to the student from Pavlodar in Belfast. In 2001, a student from the Zhezkazgan University showed her ability in the field of mathematics and computer, which allows her to enter into a research group at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany for three years. This practice has served as a good reference to some guys for a job after graduation, as at the end of internship they get reference on their work from the employer.

There are also examples where foreign students see new countries. How, for example, a student from Australia after passing student placement in Almaty in the summer of 2002 returned to Almaty and worked as an English teacher. He saw a new country, found new friends, and work.

Students of public and private education institutions who have completed at least two courses of study, perform all disciplines and who can mainly speak English and have computer skills can participate in internships exchange program.

We’d most like to draw attention to the fact that the association is engaged in the exchange of students, but not sending them abroad to study or work. Thus, sending the Kazakh students abroad, we host foreign trainees.

Students of following majors can come for an internship:

  • Aeronautical Eng
  • Industrial Eng
  • Textile Technology
  • Geophysics
  • Food Technology
  • Chemical Eng
  • Mechanical Eng
  • Traffic Eng
  • Physics Geology
  • Civil Eng
  • Metallurgy
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary Science
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Studies
  • Mining
  • Architecture
  • Brewing
  • Management
  • Culture Technical-Rural
  • Oil Technology
  • Graphic/design
  • Languages
  • Electrical Eng
  • Power Eng
  • Biochemistry
  • Economics
  • Electronics
  • Process Eng
  • Biology
  • Hotel/Management

Who can participate in the program IAESTE?

According to the rules of the IAESTE students after the second course of the higher education institutions who are not older than 32 years can participate in the international internships exchange program. A student who performs all disciplines, who can speak English at a good conversational level, who have computer skills.

In what majors you can suggest a place?

  • in engineering and sciences (chemistry, physics. biology, etc.)
  • in the field of high technologies in all spheres of the industry
  • in the field of Agricultural Sciences
  • in the field of architecture and construction, as well as in the hotel management.
  • In some cases, in management, economics and foreign languages

At what period of the year?

Mainly in summer from May to September, during student holidays, but sometimes during the year for a period of 2 months or more.

Universities – Affiliates of IAESTE Kazakhstan:

  • Almaty Technological
  • East Kazakhstan Technical
  • Zhezkhazgan State
  • North Kazakhstan State
  • Kostanay Engineering – Economic University
  • Kazakh National Agrarian
  • Pavlodar State
  • South Kazakhstan universities
  • Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications
  • Atyrau Institute of Oil and gas Rudny industrial Institute.

M. Dulatov KEEU since 2007 works with the program IAESTE. Our students participated in this program. In 2007, Arman Ismuratov, a student of mechanical engineering was on probation in Switzerland for 1 year, Nataliya Chichenko was on probation in Spain for 3 months, Anita Zhaksylyk  was on probation in Macedonia for 3 months.

In 2009, Dmitry Tyslenko went on probation to Switzerland for one year, student of Agrotechnological faculty. Anokhin Natalia.

In 2010, 7 students and undergraduates of M. Dulatov KEEU applied for an internship.

And exchange student from Germany came to Kostanay.

Being on probation abroad, students make industrial projects, also participate in research programs. So, this year, Armand Ismuratov, M. Dulatov KEEU student, who was on probation at the Switzerland on the program IAESTE and was proposed to extend his training. He was directly involved in creating the train station project at the University of Applied Sciences in Northwestern Switzerland.

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My Planet USA – Internship in U.S. summer camps as counselors, sports instructors, lifeguards or non-manual workers.

Duration: 9 weeks + 1 month of vacation.

CCUSA Kazakhstan International exchange programs provide an opportunity for students and young teachers to be on probation in the United States. CCUSA programs work since 1986. Since then, more than 150 thousand students and teachers from all over the world visited the United States in the summer months being on probation in American camps and factories. The program currently has offices and works in more than 60 countries, including developed countries.

Programs are conducted in the framework «Freedom Support Act «initiated by the U.S. state Department of Educational and Cultural Programs. The main purpose of these programs is to provide a cultural exchange in order to promote mutual understanding between the citizens of the United States and nationals of other countries. Programs provide amazing opportunity to see the country “from within” , experience the American way of life and to experience American reality, as well as significantly improve English and learn the spoken language in real communications.

CCUSA programs works in Kazakhstan for 14 years. During this time, more than 3,000 students and teachers visited the United States in the summer months, working and traveling. Programs collaborate with more than 40 higher and secondary educational institutions of the Republic.

CCUSA program has been working for 5 years in Kostanay and the last 2 years the official representation of the CCUSA program is in KEEU international department. Students of the correspondence department can not participate but teachers from 18 to 28 years old who can speak English (Elementary level) can participate in the program. Online application period is from September to March.

[/spoiler] [spoiler show=”AIESEC” hide=”AIESEC”]

AIESEC is an international, non-political, independent, non-profit organization, fully managed by its members – students and recent graduates.

AIESEC is an organization that gives young people the opportunity to discover and develop their potential to create a positive contribution to society.

AIESEC was founded in 1948 and is now represented in more than 800 universities in 106 countries.

The purposes of the organization are developing the personal qualities of the student , as well as assistance in the further activities of the student in the employment market , to achieve these goals students make projects and programs in three directions:

  • implementation of an international internship program. AIESEC provides an opportunity for students and graduates of different majors to be on probation in a foreign company, and companies to attract to temporary job talented foreign specialist and receive access to foreign experience;
  • provide opportunities for getting leadership experience and skills of the team leadership, implementing his project;
  • running of educational, national and international events (conferences, seminars, trainings), the development of Internet – platform for communication between members of the organization and a large network of graduates.

An initiative group “AIESEC Kostanay” was established in December 2007 on the basis of our university.

[/spoiler] [spoiler show=”IMA-MBA-Триздорф, практический учебный семестр” hide=”IMA-MBA-Триздорф, практический учебный семестр”]

Прочитать на сайте партнёра

Цель практики Сельскохозяйственная практика – первый (практический) учебный семестр магистерской программы МБА. Студенты международной магистерской программы Аграрный менеджмент должны понимать важные детерминанты управленческих решений на сельскохозяйственных предприятиях и уметь в будущем применять их в конкретных ситуациях.

Они должны знать содержание и значение технологии производсва растениеводческой и животноводческой продукции, а также знать методы работы сельскохозяйственных производственных учреждений и сельскохозяйственные машины, кроме того понимать и уметь оценивать технические и организационные отношения производственного процесса в сельском хозяйстве. Студенты должны уметь определять экономичность процесса производства, а также общий экономический успех предприятия посредствам ключевых показателей и уметь давать им оценку. Они должны понимать социально-экономическую среду отдельного предприятия в отношении значения для развития сельскохозяйственного производства и сельской местности. Также для не говорящих на немецком языке студентов важным считается формирование специализированной практической лексики и улучшение языковых навыков немецкого языка. Практический семестр международной магистерской программы “Аграрный менеджмент” университета прикладных наук Вайенштефан – Триздорф берет свое начало с 1990 года и дальше непрерывно развивается. Он пользуется высокой приемлемостью и уважением среди участников. С 1990 года более чем 1500 практикантов из 29 различных стран уже прошли практическую подготовку.

Обучающие предприятия База данных программы МБА насчитывает около 250 сельскохозяйственных обучающих предприятий. Некоторые из них уже более 10-ти лет берут иностранных практикантов, обучают и таким образом предоставляют большой социальный опыт для такого рода обучения.

Требования к предприятиям Потенциальные хозяйства для практикантов должны соответствовать определенным требованиям обучающего предприятия, а руководитель – обладать определенным навыками преподавания. Они должны проявлять интерес к другим культурами и быть любознательными, а также относиться к практикантам с полным пониманием. Чтобы правильно регулировать последовательность прохождения практики, со стороны руководителя предприятия и практиканта необходимо выполнение руководства и трудового договора. Эти условия должны выполняться предприятиями в полном объеме. Желательна и поощряется интеграция практиканта в семье. Многие предприятия помогают практикантам не только в профессиональной деятельности, но и заботятся о предоставлении дополнительной информации или занятий, например, в изучении немецкого языка. Они стараются помочь практиканту в организации свободного времени.

Окончание практики После успешного окончания практики участники получают сертификат от университета, а также характеристику от руководителя хозяйства. Достигнутый уровень немецкого языка определяется с помощью внутреннего экзамена. В конце практики около 15 % практикантов поднимаются с A1/2 на уровень A2/2, 85 % – с B1/1 на B2/1. С помощью интенсивных занятий по немецкому языку многие студенты достигают уровня C1, а вместе с тем и разрешения на обучение в Германии.


Our address:
Kostanay  Chernyshevsky st. 59, cab.304 main building.
Tel.: 8 (7142) 280 255, e-mail: unioms@mail.ru

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