KEEU projects under EBRD programs

Development and implementation of energy-saving technologies, as well as training of personnel of the Kostanay Engineering and Economic University named after. M. Dulatov on the topic “Fundamentals of energy audit”.

The main goal of the project: Energy saving and energy efficiency improvement of selected buildings and structures of KEEU, as well as Strengthening the position of KEEU in the market as a provider of consulting services for energy audit of buildings and structures in Northern Kazakhstan.

 The main objective of the project: Development of energy-saving measures, as well as the creation of a personnel base for energy audit at the Kostanay Engineering and Economic University named after. M. Dulatova.

 Project objectives:

1) Carrying out an energy audit on selected buildings of KEEU.

2) Development of energy saving and energy efficiency measures in order to reduce energy costs for the maintenance of KEEU buildings.

3) Carrying out training of KEEU personnel on the topic “Fundamentals of energy audit”.

Implementation period 13.03.2012 – 16.04.2012

  • Development of a new site

The main goal of the project is to strengthen the position in the market.


  1. Develop a new site on the wordpress platform;
  2. Availability of information in three clicks;
  3. Mobile version;
  4. Data transfer from the old site to the new one without data loss;
  5. Transfer the domains to the main domain and develop a design for these pages in accordance with the general style of the site. To contact the rector, users must specify an e-mail;
  6. Creation of two accounts for administration with full access;
  7. Warranty period during which you can make changes to the site – three months from the date of delivery to the customer;
  8. The color scheme of the site design should be based on three colors – blue, red and white. With an emphasis on blue.

Implementation period 10.11.2017 – 28.12.2017

  • The project “Attracting local specialists”, consultations of Kazakhstani experts in order to ensure financial stability, determine the prospects for increasing the competitiveness and development of the university using smart technologies in the educational process.

 Project objectives:

  1. Perform an analysis of the financial activities of the Kostanay Engineering and Economic University named after. M.Dulatov, taking into account internal and external factors affecting the competitiveness of the University;
  2. Conduct marketing research of potential consumers of educational services of the university, taking into account the introduction of digital technologies;
  3. To conduct an examination of the current strategic plan for the development of the university, an assessment of its feasibility in order to ensure financial sustainability;
  4. Identify the actual ways of development of the university.

Implementation period 04.06.2018 – 19.09.2018

  • The project “Attracting industrial specialists”, consultations of industrial experts in order to further implement Smart-learning technologies in KEEU, develop telecommunications infrastructure, the material base of a smart university, develop the Digital Academy, and create a resource center for educational robotics.

Plan: to create a smart university as a client-oriented model of the university of digital Kazakhstan.


1) The introduction of innovative information and communication technologies into the educational process that contribute to the formation of modern educational trajectories using the content of the best world and domestic universities;

2) The use of modern control and analytical information systems in the management of the scientific and educational process and the infrastructure of the university.

Implementation period 06/18/2018 – 12/31/2019.