The Union of Graduates of KEEU is an association of all graduates, regardless of the year of graduation from the university, graduates with higher education and does not provide a procedure for admission of members to the Union of Graduates of KEEU.

Tasks of the KEEU Union of Graduates:

  • Maintaining communication between graduates, providing support in their professional growth. Organization of a meeting of classmates;
  • Takes measures on cooperation of university graduates living and working throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as in other states by creating fellow citizens of KEEU graduates;
  • Transfer of positive experience, traditions of KEEU to a new generation of students;
  • The continuation of the relationship between the scientific and pedagogical staff and graduates;
  • Assistance in scientific activity, study in a magistracy, postgraduate study of graduates of KEEU, in obtaining degrees and titles, obtaining a second specialty and retraining on the basis of high school;
  • Promotes the exchange of practical experience of graduates, while using the media, including those published by the university and with its participation printed editions;
  • Implements the principles of mentoring (curatorial) in which an experienced (earlier year of graduation) graduate of KEEU takes care of a young specialist who graduated from a university;
  • Providing financial assistance to their university by making voluntary donations in the form of property (office equipment, equipment, literature, etc.) and in monetary terms.

The Union of Graduates of KEEU does not provide for the election of its governing bodies and in the organizational part is under the leadership of the rector, deans of faculties.

The university administration will inform about the work of the Union of Graduates of KEEU at the meetings of graduates, as well as at the KEEU Academic Council.

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